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Monday, 1 January 2018


Usually I try and do a double post, one at the end of the year, one at the start. Guess you're just getting them combined into one! Ah well.

2017 was a lot of things for me. Here are just a few.

Launching into the year thinking I'd be doing something straight away, and moving out soon - then getting told by God I'd be sticking around for a while. Probably most of the year. Oh yay.

Starting from a clean slate. They're rather....empty, strangely enough. Guess that's kinda the point.

Leading/speaking on my first Cru camp - a dirtbike camp. I thought it meant mountain bikes until I got there. Hey, I didn't have to ride them during the camp! Thankfully....

Wondering where to go to church, and then remembering that I'd jogged past one just down the street a few times. Hey, I know people that go here! Music is pretty nice too. And some people around my age. Yeah, this will work, at least for now.

Getting a "job" from my parents helping my sister get ready in the mornings. I shouldn't put that in inverted commas. They paid me money. But it's still slightly weird getting a job from your parents.

Wondering what on earth God was doing. Didn't you want me to be doing something, God?

Having interview after interview that I thought went rather well - and that went nowhere.

Being part of another awesome production at the Campbelltown Theatre.

Getting involved with a great charity gig called Busk For A Cure.

Going to an amazing concert over at Hope with a small group of people.

Finding a job that just got put up at a church down the road from my old school, and then getting asked to come in and have a go with the band that Sunday. Then being told I've got the job, and I can start straight away. Oh, and two of the kids were at the dirtbike camp. In my group. God, you be trolling me....

My sister getting engaged!

Giving piano lessons for the first time. Not being too terrible at it.

Getting to do a series of talks at my old school chapel around my songs and story.

Doing Sydney Writers Festival again - and playing on the piano! Seem to meet new people each year.

Finally getting a job - that won't start for another few months. Yay, more waiting!

Joining a fortnightly men's group.

Preaching a fair few times.

Doing another Cru camp - and another one! These guys seem to like me.

Doing youth group again, after quite a while....

Feeling like starting off with a "clean slate" suddenly means I've set off on an island by myself....and I've now lost most of my support structure.

Eating my hat
, and having a go at a Christian dating site.

And leading on camps again, after quite a while! Though somewhat different, this time.

Starting up with OPMG. Having a fair bit of fun there.

Feeling very overwhelmed and lost.

Doing MROP. Being in way over my head. That being.....okay.

Going back to that other church to visit, because I actually have a week off, after so long - people remembering me! :)

Getting a car! After about a year of not having one.

Struggling with loneliness so, so much. Thinking that I might be good a couple of times - no, wait, it's back.

Getting a job at Hope 103.2. At Hope 103.2. I still pinch myself a little, guys.

My sister getting married.....more pinching.

Launching my second album in The Crux Project, God's Love Song. Pinching continues....

Moving out! Pinching levels at max.

Seeing the music of La La Land performed live at the Opera House. With Justin Hurwitz conducting. Yes, it was amazingly awesome.

Wondering how I suddenly got so busy....

Still feeling empty, even though things seem to going so well.

Finishing the writing of my final album in the four-part cycle, True Story.

....I did say a few, but I think most of them are up there. Oh well. I did say it would be a longer post.

2017 was a hard year in many ways - but also a growing year. It was a year of winter, and waiting, and learning patience. But it was also a year where I started to see the spring thaw setting in. And I do rather love the spring.

2018 looks to be a year of spring. I have a job that seems to be rather stable, and a church that just keeps giving me more to do. (I should probably learn to say no at some point. Maybe when there's someone else who can actually say yes.) I'm going to be assistant directing a show later in the year. I'm starting up a weekly tabletop gaming group at my place. I'm already planning the next album recording and launch. And it just feels - good. I don't really know what it has in store, but I'm really looking forward to this year. I have a lot of hope around this year. (Heh.) But I guess we'll have to see how it unfolds. After all, if this year is spring, then next year is summer - which I'm historically terrible at. But one year at a time, hey?

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