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About The Blog.

2014 -> ?

From this year, this blog will be centring mainly around what God is doing in my life; how he's challenging me, changing me, shaping me, as well as what that looks like in terms of what I do now. It's also going to be looking at some bigger picture stuff that relates to people in general (sometimes mainly Christians, but hopefully not exclusively), as well as the more personal sharing.

There's going to be a lot of openness and honesty, and (being human) a decent dash of not getting it quite right. As such, I ask that you respect the former, please, and keep the latter in mind before steamingly replying to something stupid I've said.

The name is two Greek words, that very simply translated, mean 'new' and 'life'. And that's what this year is coming from.

2007 - 2013

Absolutely anything and everything under the sun, pretty much, but coming from a fairly-well-thinking Christian perspective. The name Modnarama simply came from 'random' backwards, plus 'ama' on the end. As a good friend put it:
 'An inside look into the faults and misconceptions that Christians and non-Christians have about the world. Couple that with a bit of quirky humour, ambition and optimism, and you have "Modnarama".'