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My Ten Commandments.

People know fairly well the Ten Commandments of the Bible. And, to a large degree, they're common sense. As Jesus once said, they can be summed up in two things: Love God, and Love each other.

Thought it would be an idea to put up my own things that I try to live by. Don't know if I'll come up with ten, but we'll see.

1. Love God, love others, love yourself.
That one's borrowed from my church. Think it's a pretty good thing to live by.

2. Be amazing.
Some people think that they aren't that fantastic. But the thing is, everyone can be amazing. Everyone. Perhaps some will be amazing more often than others, but everyone can be. Everyone can strive to be the best - and better - of themselves.

3. Forgive.
Because if you don't, you're carrying a lot of weight around that makes no. 2 slightly difficult. As I've said before, all feelings are made to multiply. Don't let ones like anger, resentment or sadness do that.

4. Be crazy.
Now and then, everyone needs to do a bit of crazy. And what that is will be different for different people. For some, it's doing drumming in a metal band when they're usually shy, or bungee jumping when they have a fear of heights. Me, I've worn a couple of clown costumes and Lycra. The latter was very nice, actually. Makes you feel very flexible.

5. Care.
Always. Now, that doesn't contradict no. 4; you don't worry about what people think when you're doing something crazy. But when people are concerned for you, or someone is hurting, don't ignore it. Care.

6. Be courageous.
Admittedly, this is one I'm still working on. Quite a bit. But bravery and courage in the world of today go a long way.

7. Tell the truth.
Relates to the previous. This doesn't mean attack people with the truth. But it does mean that you shouldn't be hiding the truth from people, or lying to them. Again, something I'm working on.

8. Laugh. :)
In the grimmest of situations, in the darkest of places, in the most hopeless instances - a smile can get you through. A laugh can get you further. Even if you force it out, it's better than nothing. Also why I love the power of comedy.

9. Just hug someone.
Every now and then, you just need a good hug. I'm quite lucky in that I've got a little sister that absolutely loves to share them, so I'm never really short. But if you're feeling sad, down, depressed - a long, slow, quiet hug does wonders.

10. Music.
Listen to it, play it, make it. Music can do amazing things for you. It can change a mood, reinforce one, refresh memories, bring people together. Get into it.

11. Love someone.
I'll throw in an eleventh, because I think this one is well worth throwing in. Love someone. Even if it doesn't work out, even if they never know. Love someone. It's pretty amazing. Not nearly as amazing as someone loving you back, I'm sure - haven't known that yet - but it's still well worth it.

And that's it. Hopefully that's helpful to some people out there. :)

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