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Friday, 6 May 2011


Realised when coming home after uni that I didn't write a post yesterday, so thought I'd better get round to that. So first I thought I'd write about something that happened yesterday, but then realised that I couldn't. Not because I don't want to, because I do. But because of one of many restrictions that I place around myself for various reasons. This one in particular I often find extremely annoying, and is based around the issue of trust. So I thought that I could at least talk about that.

The main reasons for the restriction (not all of them, but the main two) are simply these:
1. The unreliability of any form of communication to be completely private. When I say any, I mean any. People can tap into phone lines, hack emails, listen into conversations, etc etc. OK, yes, I do get slightly paranoid when it comes to this, fair enough.
2. Similarly, the unreliability of any people to be completely private. Chances are, if you tell x to someone, they will most likely tell someone else, even if it's only in passing or they don't mean anything by it. And I believe the snowball effect is pretty well understood.

The restriction even prevents me from telling you about what the restriction is, which is annoying too. And so I guess you could say that I have trust issues. Which is a fair enough point. Though, interestingly, I'd trust most people with my life. Just not my life. To explain (because evidently that wouldn't have made sense), I'd trust most people to hold me on a rock climbing/abseiling sort of thing, and in those sorts of situations. But I think there would be next to nobody that I would trust with absolutely every detail of my life. That's probably not a big thing, since pretty much everyone has something they wouldn't tell anyone. But I've got a fair few, I suppose. Which I find annoying, because it can make it more difficult to relate to people sometimes. (Which I have enough difficulties with. But that's for another blog post.) Though, hopefully, something will happen soon that could take a bit of that off my shoulders, so to speak. No idea what it will be, but we'll see.

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