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Monday, 13 February 2017

From horizontal to vertical.

At some point, I need to talk about this year. Because I haven't really done that yet. But that's for another post. This one is about tomorrow.

Tomorrow, for those of you who aren't aware/forgot/didn't want to be reminded, is Valentine's Day. I'm doing this post early for three reasons: firstly, because I feel like writing something; secondly, so that you can read it and process it before the day; and thirdly, to be a little nudge to the guys who have forgotten again.

I've done a couple of posts over the last year talking about how I'm in a season at the moment where God has asked me not to pursue anyone romantically, and the difficulties of that, and how I generally failed at it last year. Funnily enough, I'm continuing on with it this year. Not because I'm a sucker for punishment, but because this is important. And I want to get somewhere with it. Yes, part of me wants to be in a relationship. But I don't want to be if I'm not ready for it - because that's just going to make things worse for both of us (whoever the other person happens to be).

And, as I talked about in the second post I linked back there that I did at the end of last year, it's not about just trying to stop. Because that really never works. With anything. Seriously. Rather, it's about refocussing, and doing something better. Going from the horizontal - person-to-person - to vertical - person-to-God. Which is weird, and hard. But I'm getting there. And it doesn't mean not connecting with people. If anything, it means the opposite! We are, after all, the image of God - if you want to see and understand God, and know what he's like, look at people. Of course, there are issues with that, because we're rather changeable and flawed. But God rather likes working through that anyway, and doing incredible things there. Over the last six days, I had catch-ups with people every day - most of which were spontaneous, people getting in touch with me and wanting to catch up, which is crazy, because that basically never happens for me.

But I think God is trying to show me something through that. Reminding me that when I am loving people - I am loving him. That each person is precious to him. That I am precious to him, and loved by him incredibly. And the more that I dive into that, and embrace that - the less that I feel the need to have a romantic relationship with someone. Oh, it's still there, he isn't done with me yet. But slowly - slowly - I'm getting there.

So for the couples tomorrow - have a great time, but also remember that God romanced you first. And for those singles out there - don't get too down. Because there is one who romances you like you wouldn't believe. He knows your name, and will always chase after you. Always.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Not in La La Land.

The other evening, I went to see La La Land. I had pretty high hopes for it going in. It had been recommended by a number of friends, and also by Adam Savage (whom I hold a lot of respect for), and had been nominated for a heck of a lot of awards. I wasn't let down in the slightest.

This movie is beautifully done in so many different ways. The way it is shot is reminiscent of films from an older time, particularly the song sequences. There are so many little nods here and there to various older works and tropes - yet also, to the modern-day world. The characters are loveable, yet flawed. The story is the classic of dream vs reality. And also - which dream? The career dream, or the relationship dream? All those questions are asked, and sometimes answered, sometimes not. But it takes you for a beautiful ride along the way.

But, most of all, the music is amazing. Incredible. Fantastic. Justin Hurwitz (composer) has done a beautiful job, as have Benj Pasek and Justin Paul with the lyrics. You will have Mia and Sebastian's theme stuck in your head from the start, and the little times that earlier songs are reprised instrumentally in the background is masterfully done. If you see it a second time, you may find yourself singing along to a few of the songs - which were all written for the movie!

If you haven't yet seen this movie, do yourself a favour. Go and see it.

A word of warning, however - the ending may take you by surprise, and is my only gripe with the movie. I see why they did it the way they did; but it does seem to end rather suddenly. But that's my thoughts!