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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Song Saturday #2: The Unspoken Name

This one was inspired by the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, which I reviewed in my last post. So it's got a few references from there, and it's again written on the guitar. Doing a bit of that now. But yeah, chords this time. Cool.

The Unspoken Name

 Intro/Outro/Verse: / Bm / G / D //[ Bm / G / D / A / ] x2 Bm / G / A /
Chorus/Instro: / G / D / A / Bm / G / D / A // G / D / A / Bm // A///

Wild as the west wind
Swift as the start from where it all begins
Free as a flying eagle in the sky
Relentless as rain

I will be here in the night
I will be here, in the scare and the fright
I will be here, even when I depart
You can see me in the stars

I'm a spirit, that can not be broken
I am the name that remains unspoken
And whatever trials or pain I go through
I will be here

V2 + Chorus



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