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Saturday, 24 August 2013


You can have yellow fever; be yellow-bellied; read the yellow pages; and....that's about it.

Yellow is the sun; the sand, and often the heat - a yellow filter can often give the impression of a very hot day. It can also be light, and warmth; the colour of sunflowers and daffodils.

Common connotations with yellow are sun, light, bright, warmth, heat, sand, daffodil, cancer, fear/being scared, sickness, hope, electricity, lightning, lemon. A more pale yellow can often be seen as sickly, or off-putting.

Yellow seems to have a lot less going on than the other colours I've done. For me, yellow is the sunrise; a new day, and a new hope. It's a sunflower, and bright and cheerful. It's warm, but not too harsh or loud.

The song for this colour is "Yellow," by Coldplay.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

My funeral.

I don't get funerals. Well, I do get them, but I don't.
From the world's perspective, they're often a chance for people to be sad that the person isn't around any more, with a touch on it being a celebration of their life occasionally.
From the Christian perspective, it's supposed to be a celebration of the fact that they're with God now; a happy and joyous occasion. There will, inevitably, be some sadness; but the joy should be prevalent.

And yet, it doesn't seem to be so much what you see. You still get a lot of black and suits at weddings.
Well, my funeral will be different.

You won't be allowed to wear black. At all. Except for maybe shoes. No hiding-away-the-tears-sunglasses.
It will be outside, if it's not blowing a gale or bucketing down. Buildings are just extra walls to try and enclose the feelings that people have; let them burst out!
Sunflowers, not roses, or white flowers, and definitely not plastic ones.
Certainly no sad, slow songs. Reflective and contemplative is the closest to that you'll hear.
There will be lots of food, laughter, and people. A party, essentially!
And I'll have to think of something silly to get them all laughing at some point. I remember Adam Hills mentioning that at one of his friends' funerals, they all wore bunny ears. Something like that.
Not too many speeches. Leaves time for more eating, drinking and laughing. Any speeches should be about non-sad stuff.
Words such as "mourning," "grieving," and related phrases shouldn't be used. Neither should people be telling each other that they'll "get through this,".

Instead, be happy! Laugh! Tell a joke or two! Maybe I'll have a comedian at my funeral, that'd be good.
But it should be joyful, not sorrowful.

I do get why it is different, for many people. Maybe many will see this as insensitive or rude, and perhaps after I lose someone a bit closer to me I'll feel the same way. But I hope, that even if there is that sadness, that joy will still be there; hope, faith and love will never fail.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


You can be green to go; feeling a bit green around the gills; have a few greenbacks; have a green thumb; be green with envy; eating your greens; or get the green tick.

Green is the colour of life. It is the colour of most plants, and part of the sea, as well as being associated with the earth in general. It is also the colour of go, or good. It can also be associated with both health and sickness.

Common associations with green are nature, life, plants, trees, grass, sea, seaweed, algae, moss, thumb, inexperienced, new, good, go, right, envy, healthy, sick, botany, lime, vegetables, growth, money (mainly US) or profit. A lighter green can seem more sickly than a darker, richer green.

Green is my favourite colour; particularly a deep green. As I said before, it's the colour of life; it brings to mind many adventures out in nature, and some good friends and good songs. For me, it's also particularly new life; and, as such, hope.

The song for today is Green, by Brendan James. (Not me; he's my American "cousin" I found out about a little while ago. His website is here: )


You can be feeling blue; be singing the blues; maybe you're a blue sky thinker; been talking until you're blue in the face; be a blue collar worker; have blue blood; be blue from the cold; be wearing something borrowed, something blue; or you're true blue.

Blue is the sky, and the sea. It can also represent hope - probably from a blue sky as well. Interestingly, it has also come to represent depression and sadness. It is sometimes also seen as a spiritual colour. It is often also associated with cold, and ice or snow.

Common connotations with blue are sky, sea, berry, music, jazz, ice, cold, snow, sad, depressed, ink, common/regular, boy, jeans, water, spirit, peace, harmony, serenity, calm, stillness, bird, bell, and sometimes night (ala Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night, found below).

Lighter shades will often bring to mind generally lighter connotations, and darker shades the opposite, as was mentioned before.

Blue used to be my favourite colour. It brings to mind dreams of flying (daydreams; I don't seem to get night dreams of flying) through the blue skies, and days at the beach looking out at the blue ocean. It's also possibly the colour my eyes are. I can never quite tell. They're either blue, or the next colour. I'd prefer the next colour. It also brings to mind peace, calm, and tranquility; it sort of hangs around for a while, unlike a hotter colour that just flashes at you.

The song for today is Electric Blue, by Icehouse.

P.S. Sorry this has taken so long to get up. Been busy/distracted. Rest coming up shortly, fingers crossed.