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Saturday, 2 March 2013


As some who know me and my piano playing a bit may be aware of, I have a few music books. I have one for just my songs; then one for mainly songs by dcTalk; then one of covers, then one overflow, then a second overflow; then one for church music; then I had one for songs of mine and covers for gigs. That last one, I lost a little while back. At least half a year ago, maybe a full year. And I had some really good songs in there - some which I only had that copy of, which was really annoying. And I looked for that folder everywhere; at home, at uni - I asked other people if they had seen it, I had no idea.

I assumed that I would probably never see it again. But today, it was right there in a pile of books on top of the piano. I'd definitely looked there before, and I have no idea why I didn't see it. But, needless to say, I was very happy. I was rediscovering all these songs that I had half-forgotten - and the memories came flooding back, so much better than before for the time and miles that had passed since then.

One particular song - that I'm listening to right now - may just become my new favourite song for a little while. Which is fairly impressive, but I think it's well earned. I'll keep this one to myself for the moment, though. Keeps it a little bit special :)

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