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About me.

I've decided to rewrite this one from scratch, since I'm starting this all up new. So here goes.

I'm a son of God. Brother of Jesus. Bride of Christ. Connected to the Father and the Son through the Spirit; saved by grace, and living out the new life that God has brought me in this world, to see his Kingdom come.

I'm a guy. (Noooooo way!) But I'm not your typical guy. I don't like cars, sport, beer, the gym, or a decent few other things. But I do like an adventure; and I like a spar now and then.

I'm a creative. A musician, pianist/keyboardist, singer/songwriter, composer, lyricist, arranger and general musicmaker (read: noisemaker). Also an actor, writer, technical creative, and bits and bobs of other things.

I'm curious. I like to learn new things, understand more about what this world is all about, what this life is all about. I'm quite smart as well, but that's been somewhat neglected for the last while.

I'm a Four. For those who don't get what that means, see here.

I'm quite open and honest - or at least, trying to be more so. As such, there's going to be some stuff on here that's quite personal. I ask you to please respect that.

I'm human. That means I make mistakes, I can be a bit stupid, and I'm not always right. Cool? :)

And I want to interact with you! I love comments, discussion, connection. The more the better.