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Sunday, 18 September 2011


OK, looks like I'm branching out into TV shows. I was planning to do a book today, but couldn't think of a good one starting with C. Also, sorry for the late post. Been doing arranging all night :P

Castle fits the bill for your typical police/detective drama, with mandatory two-mains-attracted-to-each-other subplot. Different person dying in some other way they can come up with each day, and it's usually not the butler.


The main reason I like Castle is because of the guy. Castle. (If you're not familiar with the show, yes, that's a weird name. It is his last name, so it's allowed to be somewhat weird. :P) The idea is that he's a writer, who is basing a line of books around the character of PD Kate Beckett. He's your typical kid-who-never-really-grew-up stereotype, crossed over with the guy-who-actually-cares-deep-inside one.

And I suppose the reason I like it is because of the parallels I draw between us, having done a bit of writing myself. (Not nearly on the same scale, but hey, I've always liked a good story.) And not particularly wanting to grow up. And (speaking for myself, I know, but I'm pretty sure others would agree) being a fairly caring person.

So I guess that's probably why I like the show myself, even if it is mostly just coming up with lots of creative ways to kill people. And borrowing off other police/detective/forensic dramas in that area. Oh well :P

So, in my opinion, probably a bit of a better police/detective drama than many of the other ones out there. But it depends on what you're looking for, I guess.

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