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Monday, 26 September 2011

Infinity Rock Explosion.

I had a look at the calendar, and realised that if I continued at the rate I do, this series will take me until nearly the end of October. I'm hoping to start my next one before then. As such, I'll now be doing these daily again, which should see me starting the next one in mid-October, which is a bit better. Stay tuned as to what that next one will be. (No, I don't need ideas this time. I've already got it, but I won't tell you yet. :D)

This is the second album by the comedy rock trio the Axis of Awesome, of 4 Chords fame. And this time, I haven't just done this the day before. So it should be good.

The album has a very evident comedic tone throughout, with some pretty well-thought out lines. The three guys that make up the Axis of Awesome each have their distinct "personas" that they fill; Jordan, the egotistical frontman; Benny, the smart short guy who gets picked on; and Lee, the dumb guy who just doesn't always get it. It's a formula that works well, and they've got it down pat.

The album starts off with a small intro segment and The Glorious Epic of Three Men who are Awesome, which immediately set up the aforementioned personas. It then goes through to Birdplane, probably their second most well-known tune, a parody of Five for Fighting's Superman. The laughs continue with Songs to Sing Along To, and Harry Potter and the Drunk Teenage Animals Escaping from Zoos. They continue into more serious ground with their more controversial, Wwjd? (About which I might do a post in itself.) but then unfortunately do the seemingly-mandatory-sex-joke-song-these-days, Sexual Harassment. The album then finishes with their classic Four Chords, and a rehash of Birdplane in Spanglish, El Pajaro Avion.

All in all, I think the album's pretty good. But for the more conservative among us, in almost every song there's at least one swear word used, and not necessarily the more "tame" of them. The album does venture into more risque area a few times, which is a bit unfortunate, because they can really be funny without needing to do that.

So as long as you're not too fussed about that sort of thing, then this is a great album to check out. Alternatively, if you do want to listen to them but are a bit more conservative, check the songs on Youtube first so you know which to perhaps avoid.

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