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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Live & Acoustic

This one is an album from a guy who goes by the stage name of Latchkey Kid (real name Gavin Heaney). It's got a bit of the folk style in there, probably a pop/folk mix at a guess. If you haven't heard of the guy (a distinct possibility), this one plays guitar, piano, drums, mandolin, harmonica, bass and sings. Thankfully, not all at once. Obviously, however, because this one's an acoustic album he doesn't play each of the instruments. I would hazard a guess and say that, apart from singing, he does guitar and harmonica. Wiki wasn't any help :P

The album starts off with a song you may be familiar with if you ever watched Packed to the Rafters in its first season - Good Times was actually the song played in the ads for it. It's a good starting song, with a decent beat to it, and a nice happy feel. That beat and feel continues more or less throughout the album, and it's all got a very laid-back style to it.

Another couple of good ones that pop up (in my opinion) are Almost Anything and Angel in the Alleyway. It's a great album to just cruise along to, though, and it really doesn't have any let-downs in there. Good stuff :)

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