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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Distraction and diversion.

They are two things I have become quite good at. Particularly because, I now really don't like lying. I mean, I never really liked it. But now it's a lot harder for me to do. As in, if you ask me something and the answer is A, I can't say not A. I can say not not A; I can say I don't know; I can say it doesn't matter; I can say that I don't want to say; I can compliment the lovely weather; but I will do anything I can to avoid lying.

However, if I'm also trying to avoid giving the actual answer to the question - this is where my great twin friends of distraction and diversion come in. Oh look, a purple elephant!
They seem to be particularly popular with who questions. Who do you like, who do you think is hot, who's your girlfriend, who do you wish was - always the whos.

They're pretty much the most annoying questions I can get. I can talk to you at length about what I think the different dynamics are between words such as hot, attractive, and beautiful; discuss in depth the various meanings of like and love in this day and age; but ask me who, and I'll shut tighter than a Chinese finger trap. I really will. And - that's not really something that's going to change. Those sort of names are kept to one's self for a reason.

There may be a time when one name is not kept in such secrecy; but that will only be when someone thinks of me in a similar light.


  1. Can I ask you a question? Sorry if it is non of my business, but why don't you like the situations, when somebody asks you something concerning your personal life? It seems normal, just don't mind that. Sorry one more time, at least it is not a 'who' question.

  2. I'm with above, you've gotta share those things with the right people, it creates trust and stronger relationships


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