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Saturday, 21 September 2013


You can be white as a sheet; be a white collar worker; tell a white lie; or fly the white flag.

White is the colour of purity. Of emptiness; of a blank sheet. It is simplicity; and also cleanliness, often due to hospitals. It can also be related to health, life and death for that same reason. It is also bright, and light.

Common associations with white are good, pure, dove, peace, truce, flag, empty, nothing, blank, clean, fresh, snow, ice, cold, sheet, hospital, light, bright, health, life, death, fear, and sickness.

White, to me, doesn't have much to say for itself, funnily enough. You can't have variants of white. It's either white, or not. It doesn't seem to have much character; and it's trying a bit hard to be clean, and fresh, and all this sort of thing.

The song for today is White Wine in the Sun, by Tim Minchin.

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