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Friday, 20 September 2013


Well, I just came back from camp, had a look at my blog, and saw that I've gone over 100,000 views.


That's pretty awesome.

Now, granted; about 86,000 or so of those are because of the top two most viewed posts - my original Four Chords song list, and my Song Saturday for The Unspoken Name. And that's awesome that people are liking that stuff, that's great.

But I also know I've got a lot of other posts up on my blog - 388 other posts, in fact - and between them, that's about 14,000 views. Which averages out to about 36 views per post. But then, I know that I've got a fair few posts that are lucky to scrape ten views.

And I think I've got some stuff that I've written that is worth a look. I'm only 20, but I don't feel like twenty. My body is, but my mind flops around between eight and eighty.

But anyway. Awesome to have that many views :) Would be even more awesome if they could spread to some of my other posts :D

Will write again soon!

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