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Friday, 4 November 2011

The Right Rite of Rightie Wrights.

Just a little funny one about spelling. On a similar note:

The Right Rite of Rightie Wrights

V1:  / E  G A /    C D /   F G /
They're sealing up their pet seal over there
My hare sitting down on my down pillow doesn't have a lot of hair
The dark and stormy knight rode down the road one dark and stormy night
The right-handed wheelwrights performed the right rite, tonight

Chorus: / E / A / G / F /
Get it right, not left
English is a hard mistress, I know
No, it's not easy to learn
But maybe its difficulty is easier than eating a row of roe

I'll bowl this bowling pin and throw the saw in the bin
My friend saw his pin in the bowl, he knew how long it had been
This vial of vile liquid is not too great, even in a can
Can you see the two ewes on a grate, floating to the sea with Dan?


I now have chords/lyrics up for pretty much all previous songs. Or at least, they'll probably be uploaded by the time peeps read this.

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