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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

To Whom It Does Concern.

Just realised it was 11:52, and lack of song. Check that, 53, and counting. So this one will technically be late. Idea is from the similar phrase, just expanding on it.

To Whom It Does Concern

V1: / G / D/F# / Bb/F / C/E /
To whom it does concern
I'd like to let you know
You don't always know it all
Sometimes no

To whom it does concern
Stop thinking so much
Relax your head a bit
Empty your mind, as such

Chorus: / G / D / Bb / F /
Memos to me
Messages to myself
Instructions to I
It's a bit weird, you may say
But the person we talk to the most
Inevitably has our name

To whom it does concern
Stop and think now and then
You tend to think when you don't need to
And not when you do

Chorus x3

Chords/vids may be a while. We'll see.

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