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Monday, 31 March 2014

Other cool people!

Friends are awesome!

As such, I've updated my Links page. It now has two sections; all the blogs I had listed before are under a subheading of "On Hiatus" (because it's been so long since I updated that section that they all are); and another section that says "Current" of other cool blogs run by people I know (a couple are the same people, actually) that are currently going.

The ones under the "Current" list I have also put in a nifty new gadget over on the right, so you can see them and click them straight from wherever you are on the blog!

I'll try to keep it current and such, but I tend to be terrible at that, so we'll see how I go.

In other news, my album launch is this coming Saturday, and I'm kind of freaking out quite a lot. But I know it's going to be good! Yes! God has it under control, I know. Just....yeah.

Anyway, if you are around the Australia/New South Wales/Sydney/Campbelltown area and are free this coming Saturday late afternoon/evening and would like to come to an album launch; it's at Campbelltown Church of Christ, 65 Woodhouse Drive, Ambarvale. Doors open at 5:30pm, concert starts at 6pm and goes through to 7:30pm, but you can stay until about 8:30pm. Entry is $10, and I'll be selling CDs on the night for the same amount. Refreshments will also be available to purchase, and all money is going towards the Hub (Community Pantry) that the Community Connections team at the Church have started to get happening.

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