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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Part Two: He Is Risen!

Okay, so I couldn't help with the 'risen' gag. This is the bit that everybody knows. Jesus came back, we're all saved, "HAAAAA-LELUJAH!", and we get to eat hot cross buns and chocolate eggs.
*Ahem*. Anyway.

It's easy, I think, to forget that this is actually the important day. Because, as Christians, we regularly have communion, which is reminding us of Friday. The cross is pretty much our symbol - and that reminds us of Friday. Of Jesus' death. But he came back. And that's kinda more important. The illustration I like to use is a bridge.

So, there was this massive chasm, and everyone was on one side of the chasm. And they needed to get to the other side. Because this side was going to collapse, and burn up. And so an architect came along and built an incredible bridge, spanning from one side of the chasm to the other. Some people didn't trust the bridge, and so they didn't get on it. Some did, and they went over to the other side. But others were just so awed by the bridge that they just stayed on it, admiring it and saying how fantastic and amazing and incredible it was.

The bridge is amazing, and fantastic, and incredible, yes. Undoubtedly. But it is there to get people to the other side - if it hasn't done that, then it's for nothing! Similarly, Jesus' death was incredibly sacrificial, and terrible, and fantastic, and loving, and many other wonderful adjectives and superlative. But it is for a purpose. To set us free from sin, and bring us together with our Father in heaven, to bridge the gap that sin has created. If we just focus on his death - then we're kinda missing the point. It's important, heck yes! But more important is why it was done. What it was for.

Also, this guy does a much better job than I could of explaining why it actually makes rather a lot of sense that Jesus rose from the dead, if that's an issue for you: Another nice one to add to the list is that, after the resurrection, Jesus' brother became an avid follower as well. Imagine trying to convince your brother that you were God in human form. Yeah. Hence why I reckon it was probably real, among other reasons. But anyway.

Happy Easter! The third day has come, and it is time to celebrate. May you eat much sweet and fruity dough, and your preferred variety of hollow chocolate. But may you also remember the new life that we are given, and how we have been saved.

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