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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

After This.

I realised when I did today's song that today is U. Which means I'm getting very close to the end of the alphabet...I'm thinking about maybe doing 0-10 straight after this one, could work nicely. Otherwise, this series finishes next Monday, presuming I do one each day.

But I thought, after I've gotten this one finished, I could start some of this stuff: that I mentioned. Mainly getting other people involved, is what I'm thinking at the moment. And not necessarily just people I know who do blogs, or something similar. (Though that doesn't mean I won't be dropping you guys a line at some time, Mister Mozart and Jessie Jessie. :P ) But even just people who have an opinion. And that's... pretty much anyone and everyone. And I think I know a few people who'd be willing to write a post, or ask some questions, or answer some questions. Or all of the above.

But yeah. That's the plan. Coolness. :D

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