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Sunday, 17 July 2011


Today, I got baptised.

My parents had been wanting me to for a while. But I hadn't wanted to because I didn't really see any importance in it; to me, it was just a ceremony, telling people something that they already knew. Which didn't make any sense to me, and so I didn't have any interest in it.

But, like I said in a post a couple of months back, things changed. I guess the 'click' happened - the switch from head to heart, from knowledge to passion.

And so I thought I'd write down my new take on baptism.

I've realised that, in part, baptism is about being obedient to God. If it's something he's asked you to do, then doing it is an act of obedience and service to him. But it's not about saying, "Oh, how obedient and great and amazing a Christian I am". It's about saying how amazing and powerful and loving God is. Because baptism represents the death of the old life, and the birth of a new one - a life of dedication and service to God, to Jesus. If God wasn't amazing, powerful and loving, why on earth would we want to give a life of dedication and service to him?

Or at least, that's my logic.


  1. Congrats :D I wanted to get baptised at 5…but the people in the Church said I was "too young". Dad regrets listening to them. Now he wants me to get baptised, but I'm still in the "It's just a ceremony, I see no reason why it's necessary." I live my life more Godly than many baptised Christians I know (without judging though). It's as though I feel Jesus is constantly giving me a new life, and I don't need the physical action of baptism. *shrugs* Hopefully I change, eh?

  2. Thanks, man :) I remember a similar thing happening when I was a bit younger. Think that was mainly because my sister had just been baptised, though, so not the best of motivations...
    Haha. That's just it, though - it's not so much about the living, anyone can do that. (Though it's getting them to actually *do* it that's the trick.) It's more the attitude behind it that's important.
    And all in time. His time, that is, not ours. God's got it figured out. And he loves to spring things on you when you don't expect them...


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