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Friday, 28 October 2011

Long Live The Dead

This started off with just the title, a little idea I came up with. And then I got the idea that it could be a bit of a social commentary, if I could do it right. Don't know quite if I have or not, but I'm OK with it. It's based on the idea that some people will just go back to these historical figures, saying they're the best, and ignoring what great things people say about here and now.

Long Live The Dead

V1: / D / A /
Shakespeare's at the shop door
Selling poems fifty bucks a line
And Bach is in the bar
Writing pieces, twenty dollars for a minute of time
Einstein's in the alleyway
Teaching his ideas to whoever's kids are around
Columbus is on the corner
Telling his stories to those outward-bound

Chorus: / G / D / F#m //
Thanks for their wisdom, many thanks for what they've said
Long live the dead

People still consult Shakespeare
The old Bard never rests
And very many will tell you
That Bach is always the best
Einstein has his followers
Many in number and type
Even Columbus still has a crew
Can you believe the hype

Chorus:  / G / D / G / D A / G / D / A / G / A /
We lord them for their wisdom, and for their ways
We don't hesitate to lay on them gleaming praise
We don't think to instead turn to those here and now
But instead we always bow
To those gone behind and what they've said
We say; long live the dead

Bridge:  / D / F#m / G / A /
Don't ignore what's now by getting lost in what was then
It's not coming back again
Learn from them, yes, but don't make them kings

Chorus: / G / D / G / D / A /
We can learn from their wisdom, and their ways
And apply it to our own days
For we know the wisdom of what they said
But still we will never say long live the dead

Vids for the past few are up, by the way. Can't be bothered linking them all, but they should be some of the most recent here:

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