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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Songwriting A to Z.

As I've mentioned, for this next A to Z, I'm going to be writing a new song each day starting with the letter for that day (starting tomorrow with A), putting the lyrics/chords up here, and doing a video and putting that on Youtube and linking to that from here. (Though the vids may be up a bit slower in some cases, particularly because we've gone over our downloads at the moment... :P )

When I'm writing the songs, I'll also be sticking to the following rules:

  1. Can't use an old song of mine and just say, "Hey, I wrote this today!" No.
  2. If someone makes a suggestion for any of the songs, I have to use it. Any sort of suggestion, be it genre, lyrical, musical, etc. Unless it's rude/crude/etc. But I don't think we'll have that problem.
  3. Within this series, once I've used a chord sequence, I can't use it again for another song. I can do variations, but not the same one. Not even in a different key. Could do it without this, but thought I'd challenge myself.
  4. By the end of this, need to have songs that could be put in at least seven genres.
  5. No parody songs.
  6. An 'A' or 'The' at the beginning of the song title doesn't count for the letter, because that's how iTunes does it :P
Think that's it. I'll be starting off tomorrow (because in just over an hour I'll be busy for the rest of the day), probably with Abacus of Doom, or something like that. I'm attempting to do it so it'll be first in alphabetical order on any playlist :P Cause at the moment the first one on mine is annoying me. And that's Abandoned in Place, so "Abacus" was the only word that worked before that. :P Yeah, planned that much. No, I haven't actually written it yet, so I'm not in violation of Rule 1. Just a couple of musical ideas for it, bit of a different thing...should be interesting. Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow :P Apparently that's going to be a bit busy as well.

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