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Monday, 7 December 2015

Day 2 - Your Freak

Second day of the challenge! Hopefully the video will upload before midnight. They always take a while. My computer seems to record video in a way that YouTube doesn't like. Either that or I just have terrible upload speed. Quite possible. Anyway.

The challenge this time was this: "Day 2: Write a song in something besides common time". So I did 5/4, because why the heck not. Found out that it's both hard to play and hard to write in, but I've done it anyway! This one again on guitar - I'm probably going to be doing a lot of them on there, because other people are usually at home which means recording on the piano tricky. Lyrics below. Video here:

Your Freak

V1: / ii / V / x4
Yes it's true
It's your due
Though I'm blue
This is you

This is real
Can't conceal
You reveal
How I feel

PC: / VI / I / VI / I //
I won't break or
Make my escape

C: [/ IV / V / x3 / ii I / ii I /] x2 / ii I / ii I /
I can't breathe
When you're with me
And yet I feel
So free
I can't speak
I feel weak
Guess I'm just
Your freak

I'll give my best
I feel blessed
Not just a guess

C + I(V) + PC + C x2

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