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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Day 16 - One Life

And it's Christmas Eve! We're also on Day Sixteen, and the challenge for today was a thank you song. In the spirit of the season, this one is a thank you to God for his gift of Jesus to us. Finally got back on the piano for this one, and as such the chords were a bit tricky for me to just write down in Roman numerals. I had fun. :) Hope you enjoy! Lyrics below, video here:

One Life

V1: / Fm7 / Cm7 / Db Ab / Eb Fm Eb / Db /
We were lost
In the wilderness
Trying to find
Our own way
Through life
Pain and all the strife

We were lost
In the darkness
Without hope
In this place
Praying for
A miracle

PC: / Db / Eb / Ab / Bb /
Then a voice came shining through
I bring with me good news
Jesus, the Saviour, is here!

C: / C Ab F / Bb F / x3 / Ab Bb / C /
Thank you God
For bringing hope and joy to this world
Thank you God
For bringing light into this place
Thank you God
For restoring the lives of all that are here
Through just one life
Jesus Christ

Though we were broken
Lost in our all shame
You sent joy
And love to us
Through a simple
Baby boy

I: / C / Bb / F //

C (I) + C

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