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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Day 5 - Label Me This

Fifth Day! The challenge today was this: "Day 5: Write a song that involves nicknames". I wasn't sure exactly where the song would go when I started it, but it's ended up being in a similar vein to quite an old one of mine called 'Break Out', which is actually on my first online EP I did way back when. This one is more building on an idea of mine that when we label people, put them into groups, give them names - it's really a way of making them seem less human. Of dehumanising them, forgetting that they're people. Because they're just a label. They're just 'them' now. It's a lot harder to do that when you're face-to-face with someone. The title is a play on the phrase 'riddle me this'. Also, the songs seem to be a bit samey music-wise - I don't know if that's because they're mostly all on guitar (and there's only so much I can do on guitar), or because I'm doing them in a short amount of time, or just because everything gets samey after a while.

Unfortunately, I can't do the video at the moment. People are sleeping at home right now, don't want to wake them up. Think I might have the same problem tomorrow as well, except worse (got a party I'm going to straight after work) so I may be uploading three on Saturday. When I do the video, I will link it here.

Until then, lyrics below!

Label Me This

V1: / E / G / C / A / x4
You haven't seen me before
But you think you know my name
You try to stick it on me, doesn’t work
That’s what you call me all the same
I may not like it but too bad
You do
Ad nauseam you’ll bring it up
Won’t you?

C: / E / G / D / A / x4
Label me this, label me that
Cause you don’t understand me
You call me this, you call me that
Cause you can’t comprehend me
The more groups, the more labels, the more names
The less human I will seem
Just one amongst so many others
That have the same label as me

Well you aren’t aware
Of what you’re even doing
Or maybe you just don’t care
Tired of all the fro-ing and to-ing
This just isn’t the way to play
You know
But you can’t get that into your head
And so

C + I + C x1.5

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